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8th November 2021

The Connect electric wheelchair indoors or out it’s a great choice

When searching for a new electric wheelchair there are many choices to be made and as many variations as you can imagine. This can potentially lead you to make some rash, or ill-considered choices. You… Read more

1st November 2021

Folding Electric Wheelchair

When you looking to buy a folding electric wheelchair, we think you should consider the Quingo Connect. The Connect is a lightweight, foldable electric wheelchair new on the UK market and offers a price point,… Read more

8th October 2021

Electric Wheelchair – Your Guide to Buying One

When you are searching for an electric wheelchair for sale you will encounter an incredibly wide range of prices, specifications and capabilities. Shopping for any mobility device can be likened to shopping for a car… Read more

5th October 2021

Powerchair or Electric Wheelchair

When you are looking for a powerchair or electric wheelchair there are many factors that will influence your choice. You may find that a mobility scooter is no longer a viable solution for your needs… Read more

1st September 2021

Indoor Electric Wheelchair Benefits

For those of us with limited mobility the indoor electric wheelchair can be a godsend. Even day to day tasks become seemingly impossible if you do not have access to an indoor electric wheelchair. Mobility… Read more

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