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13th November 2020

Quingo, Local Service – Nationwide

More Than Local With free home demonstrations, test drives and delivery we are local to everyone. At Quingo we aim to offer a customer experience second to none. As we did throughout previous lockdown we… Read more

Falls, Their Impact and How to Avoid Them

We are all guilty of thinking “it will never happen to me” but the statistics tell a dramatically different story. Every year 1 in 3 of people aged over 65 will experience a fall, which… Read more

12th November 2020

Using Your Scooter Safely in the Summer Heat

As the world’s only manufacturers of 5 wheel mobility scooters, Quingo is committed to creating market leading products for their customers. With a total of 6 models of scooter in the Quingo 5 wheel range,… Read more

6th November 2020

How Can a Scooter Help During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

With National Lockdown due to Covid an unfortunate reality once again you may ask the question “Why do I want or need a scooter?” Also you may have concerns about your test drive and how… Read more

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