How an Electric Wheelchair can Help During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Covid Safe

With National Lockdown due to Covid an unfortunate reality once again you may ask the question “Why do I want or need a folding electric wheelchair?”

Also you may have concerns about your test drive and how long delivery will take. We hope to answer your questions in this article.

We are currently able to fulfil our customer’s needs and there are no delays to having a test drive or to deliveries. Our test drives remain free of charge as does delivery.

There are various key ways a portable powered wheelchair can help you to make the best of your life during this trying period by keeping you mobile and in touch with loved ones.

One of the most obvious ways that your wheelchair will be of use is those essential visits to get supplies of food and medicines. A wheelchair allows you to travel alone, avoiding contact with people from outside your household making life safer and removing some of the worry involved in keeping up with the essentials of life.

Under the new rules in place you can continue to visit households within your support bubble, and a wheelchair will allow you to this while avoiding public transport or taxis, you can also go out and about with family members and members of your support bubble, so a visit to the park or maybe the playground with your grandchildren could significantly improve quality of life of both them and you.

Some of you may care for children and grandchildren while their parents go to work, a wheelchair will facilitate you in continuing to do this while minimising the risk to them and you.

Many of you will also have close friends from outside of your household and direct support bubble. Being as we can no longer meet in private gardens, under the new rules, a wheelchair will allow you to spend time with one of them at a time in a public space such as a local park, the countryside, a public garden or even your allotment and if you are a dog owner a wheelchair will allow you to offer them the exercise and stimulation they need by being able to take them for walks.

As an electric vehicle, you recharge your powered wheelchair at home, meaning no visits to petrol stations and the potential risks they present.

All of our team are Covid Aware and follow best practices from your demonstration to delivery and every member of our field staff are asked every day to confirm they are clear of any symptoms. We also keep our staff informed of any changes in advice concerning health and safety.

Prior to any visit to your home we will request confirmation that nobody at the property we are due to visit is unwell with Covid-19 or is considered extremely vulnerable and in need of being shielded.

If Covid-19 is present, or a person is deemed as extremely vulnerable, we will take all necessary precautions to protect both you and our staff.

During any visit to our customers we will observe additional sanitation measures. Our advisors and delivery engineers will wash or sanitise their hands prior to entering your property, and upon leaving. They will not offer to shake hands, and will maintain the prescribed 2 metre distance.

As ever your safety is our primary concern.

Complete guidance on the rules for the lockdown starting from November 5th can be found here

You can find out more about support bubbles here

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