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What our customers say about their Quingo scooters

All 5 wheel Quingos come with safety as standard. The unique 5 wheel stability system on all Quingos provide the excellent posture and driving position of a 3 wheeler with the stability and safer cornering dynamics of a 4 wheeler.

Flexible Controls

My condition means I sometimes cannot control a chair myself. The ability to switch to attendant control allows my wife to take control quickly and easily. Perfect!

Mr Barnes

Perfect Indoors or Out

I wanted a wheelchair for use indoors to compliment my scooter. I already own a Quingo Ultra and having been impressed by the quality of that scooter so I was delighted to find out they also supply an electric wheelchair. I am very pleased with its turning circle and pleasantly surprised by the excellent range it offers.

Mrs Newton-Adair

Fits In My Car A Treat

I wanted a wheelchair that I could easily transport in my car. The Connect is just the ticket with its quick folding ability and light weight. I can now travel to my destination unload the chair and off I go!

Mr Whitehouse

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