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What our customers say about Quingo

All Quingo mobility vehicles come with safety as standard. Some benefits you can experience include increased agility, stability, safety, comfort and superb posture. The Quingo Connect is extremely manoeuvrable and easy to control via its simple to use joystick control which can be controlled on either armrest, or if you get tired, your partner or carer can control rather than having to push you in the chair. The Quingo Connect powerchair can offer you the independence that you deserve.

So Easy to use Outdoors

I can finally leave the house and can go up to a 9 miles roundtrip.

Mr Duce

As I can’t walk very far now my Quingo is my lifeline to the outside world

I’m getting on very well with my Quingo. The seating position is very comfortable and I am enjoying using it around the home. As I can’t walk very far now, my Quingo is my lifeline to the outside world and I never leave home without it. The product really is 10/10

Mrs Millward

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