Folding Electric Wheelchair

When you looking to buy a folding electric wheelchair, we think you should consider the Quingo Connect.

The Connect is a lightweight, foldable electric wheelchair new on the UK market and offers a price point, functionality and performance you will find hard to beat.

You will find many second hand folding electric wheelchairs for sale on sites like Gumtree, Facebook marketplace or eBay but you will not know the history of the chair and will almost certainly not have any warranty as they are not transferable. While there may not be any problem you should also ask yourself why someone would be selling a mobility device, could it have a fault or some kind of damage?

By buying a new Connect you will have the peace of mind of a full 1 year warranty, the knowledge that you are buying from a company you know you can trust, and, in the unlikely event of your electric wheelchair suffering a fault, you will have access to our dedicated UK support team and a nationwide network of highly qualified engineers.

Folding Electric Wheelchair

One of the most obvious advantages offered by our Connect fold up electric wheelchair is that it can be collapsed, in under 5 seconds, to a very compact 59cm x 37cm x 81cm / 23” x 15” x 32”, for storage around your home or for transport, be that in a car, train, coach or plane (our optional travel battery pack is fully compliant for transport by air).

The lightweight construction of the Connect makes it an extremely portable folding electric wheelchair, weighing just 20.9kg with the battery pack removed, making it among the lightest folding electric wheelchairs on the market and lifting it, for example in to the boot of a car, is a breeze.

Another feature we think you may find useful when your wheelchair is folded is that you can remove the battery for charging anywhere you like, though you can still choose to charge the battery in the wheelchair if that is your preference.

Many of you will find a foldable electric wheelchair instead of a mobility scooter is a better fit for your mobility needs. Maybe you have reduced upper body strength or a condition that means you may be unable to control a mobility aid all the time.

One of the key features of the Connect that many of you will find extremely attractive is the ability to quickly and easily convert from user control to attendant control, using the supplied bracket, should you, for any reason, find yourself unable to control the powerchair yourself.

If you require it we will visit you for a free home demonstration of the Connect and, if you want to try our range of five wheel mobility scooters as well, we will be delighted to oblige you as it is our main aim to provide you with the best mobility device to fit your needs.

We are convinced that, when you try the Quingo Connect, you will agree that it is possibly the best electric folding wheelchair in this price range that you can buy.

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