The Connect electric wheelchair indoors or out it’s a great choice

When searching for a new electric wheelchair there are many choices to be made and as many variations as you can imagine.

This can potentially lead you to make some rash, or ill-considered choices.

You should take in to consideration how you expect to use your new electric wheelchair and maybe think about having more than one type of powerchair at your disposal if you are absolutely sure you need off road capabilities in your wheelchair.

It is worth baring in mind that the more specialised a wheelchair becomes the higher the associated price tag is likely to be.

The off road electric wheelchair

The off road electric wheelchair is a highly specialised piece of equipment that should only be considered as a solution to a particular set of requirements.

Many of this type of vehicle bare little or no resemblance to wheelchairs with some having more in common with a small tank than a mobility device!

The off road electric wheelchair can only be considered as being of use in the outdoor environment and as such is of little or no practical use in day to day life as the ability to climb steep slopes, boulders and cross streams is not one you will have need of often in your home or when shopping. Some of the bigger models are going to struggle even in urban outdoor places such as on narrow streets and pavements and the home environment is almost certainly totally off-limits.

The all terrain electric wheelchair

The all terrain electric wheelchair is perhaps a misleading term as it is mostly designed for use in the outdoors and will be highly impractical when used in your home or other indoor spaces.

The heavy duty electric wheelchair

Another contender in the market is the heavy duty electric wheelchair. Once again these tend to be fairly large and quite cumbersome making them mostly suited to outdoor use. Though slightly more flexible they will still offer up significant challenges in confined spaces.

These types of electric wheelchairs are both large and heavy so you will find them difficult or impossible to transport in your average vehicle and you will likely need a specially adapted vehicle, or WAV, to accommodate them.

Most heavy duty, all terrain and off road wheelchairs will have large tyres with heavy treads that tyres will leave marks on wood floors and tiles or ruin carpets and with their large size could possibly damage doorways in your home or other indoor places you visit

They often feature very wide turning circles making them awful to use in almost any indoor space.

Many places that you would like to visit with an off road road electric wheelchair will be able to offer you a loan or rental an all terrain capable scooter or wheelchair for you use.

Another thing to keep in mind is that almost all places of interest that you may wish to visit are very likely to have been made accessible in recent times so you may find yourself not needing specialised equipment anyway.

So, if you own one of these three types of electric wheelchairs you may want something a bit more practical for day to day use. This is where our Connect powered wheelchair comes into its own offering the perfect compliment to an out doors scooter. It is also very capable outdoors for shopping trips etc with a range of up to 9.3 miles.

Connect electric wheelchair

The Connect offers a very tight turning circle with its ability to turn on its own axis which, coupled with its compact size makes it perfect for indoor use.

The Connect folds, with ease, in under five seconds making it simple to transport or store, as does its light weight and the battery is removable so you can charge either in the wheelchair or anywhere that is more convenient for you. This also makes the Connect perfect as a travel companion when fitted with the travel battery pack.

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