Electric Wheelchair – Your Guide to Buying One

When you are searching for an electric wheelchair for sale you will encounter an incredibly wide range of prices, specifications and capabilities.

Shopping for any mobility device can be likened to shopping for a car but with additional functions that need careful consideration.

Some of you will want a Mercedes, others a Rolls and some of you will just want a cheap run-around. However, just as it is with cars, most of you will probably want a mid-range vehicle that is reliable, reasonably affordable to buy and run, great for day to day tasks but capable of a little bit more on occasion.

Even though you probably think you will be strictly buying your electric wheelchair based on price, you are very likely to want a bit more than the cheapest electric wheelchairs offer.

The Super Powerchair – Extreme Function Brings High Cost

At the high end of the specification, and price, ranges we have some mightily impressive electric wheelchairs that allow the user to travel in a conventional seated position but, at the touch of a button, raise them to a standing position. We think these are incredible pieces of machinery and, for the more severely mobility impaired user, are lifechanging devices. Sadly however, all of this technology comes with a hefty, if justifiable, price tag, which can be over £20,000, and is way out of reach for all but a select few. Being fairly large devices, they could be considered somewhat cumbersome in smaller homes and constricted spaces. For most users this kind of wheelchair is likely to be more than you need to overcome the obstacles your impairment may present to you.

The Cheap Electric Wheelchair – Caveat Emptor

The Romans had it right, when something seems very inexpensive then Buyer Beware!

Many of you will search for cheap electric wheelchairs for sale in search engines such as google or sales websites like Gumtree or even ebay and facebook marketplace.

This may work out OK for you but there are several factors that you should consider before taking this route.

Do you know the history of the wheelchair? The answer is almost certainly no and this may lead you to unexpected failures and therefore expense.

If it breaks down do you have any kind of warranty? Any second-hand device will not have a warranty as this will exist only with original buyer and is non-transferable and, unless a warranty is exclusively offered by the vendor, you are not covered.

If you buy anything from a private seller you will have absolutely no recourse and any loss will be at your expense if the item is defective and again any warranty is not transferable so, if someone tells you it has a remaining warranty period while trying to sell you an item, this will not be true.

Another thing you need to consider is whether or not you can you try the wheelchair before you buy it? It is vital that a device such as a wheelchair is comfortable and well suited to your needs. To this end a good try out is essential to make sure it is a good fit for you and also, particularly if you are buying it second-hand, that everything works and that your electric wheelchair batteries will hold their charge.

We feel that buying any mobility device second hand, unless it has been manufacturer refurbished, has a greater chance of causing you problems so it should be avoided if possible, the cheapest electric wheelchairs could very well turn out to be not such a bargain after all.

The only real way for you be sure if you are getting the right powerchair for your needs is to try one out for yourself and the only way to be sure it will be reliable is to buy it new from a company you can trust.

The next option is just buying the cheapest new wheelchair you can find surely?

Well this could also be full of pitfalls. This type of electric wheelchair, while low cost, will, by its very nature, be built exclusively to a price which leads to design compromises and the use of the cheapest components available increasing the likelihood of the wheelchair breaking down and things like the batteries used in your powerchair will likely suffer from low range and fail much sooner than higher quality components.

A very cheap wheelchair will probably have little to no consideration paid to your comfort or the usability of the vehicle.

Quingo Connect – A Balanced Approach Gives You Great Value

With the Connect we have aim to hit the sweet spot for ease of use, flexibility, usability, price and, at only £1599, fantastic value for money.

So, let’s explore some of the key features that make the Connect a compelling choice.

Portable folding electric wheelchair

Designed to be easily portable and stored the Connect folds in under 5 seconds and, with the battery pack removed weighs just 46.1lbs/20.9kg making it easy to lift in to cars or storage areas around your home.

The Connect is compact and able to turn on its own axis, making it perfect for getting around in tight spaces such as your home or shops.

The joystick controller can be fitted in either a right or left-handed configuration to suit the user’s preference. However, you will not be restricted to this either, should you become unable to operate the chair yourself, for any reason, the Connect can be re-configured for attendant control in moments using the supplied bracket.

The Connect offers superb range allowing you to get out and about doing daily tasks such as shopping with ease and with the knowledge you have ample power so you won’t be stranded.

We also offer an optional travel battery, that is fully certified for transport on planes, while still leaving you with a practical range to get around when you reach your destination.

When you buy an electric wheelchair from us in the UK you will experience our full Quingo customer service experience. This comprises a full home visit, with a test drive, which includes an electric wheelchair risk assessment for your peace of mind. During this demonstration you will be able to make sure the wheelchair is suited to you and our mobility advisors will not recommend you buy one unless they are sure the chair is right for you.

We offer flexible finance to help you with your purchase and additionally, when you buy a Connect, you and your electric wheelchair will benefit from 3 months of free insurance which not only covers you in the UK for accidental damage, theft and public liability, but you are even covered for 45 days of international travel as well. We will also be able to arrange longer term insurance cover for you should you wish us to do that.

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