Powerchair or Electric Wheelchair

When you are looking for a powerchair or electric wheelchair there are many factors that will influence your choice.

You may find that a mobility scooter is no longer a viable solution for your needs and are looking for the peace of mind of buying a powerchair or electric wheelchair that has been built by a company with an established reputation in the world of mobility solutions such as Quingo.

As a family run business we have been working in the mobility sector since 1957, when R. F. Nicholls ltd was formed, and we now have the second and third generation of the Nicholls family running the business.

We have seen and been part of the development and advances made in the field of personal mobility, and are proud to have been at the forefront of many of them. Most of you will be familiar with our ground-breaking five-wheel Quingo range of mobility scooters and will be re-assured that our commitment to innovative design and build excellence is shared in our Connect electric wheelchair.

The depth of experience available in our team at Quingo means we are able to choose the right combination of components to fine tune a powerchair or electric wheelchair for optimum performance while offering fantastic flexibility of use.

We recognize that a powerchair or electric wheelchair will mostly be used indoors and therefore must be agile, small and able to be stored with ease. It should additionally be easy to transport for use in shops etc.

Being a folding wheelchair the Connect can be easily stowed about your home or placed in your car boot for use on shopping trips or even for air travel with the optional air safe battery pack fitted. Even better, folding the chair for transport takes less than five seconds.

So, what makes the Connect great for indoor use? Quite simply this is down to its ability to turn on its own axis. With its twin, independent, brushless electric motors, which also provide automatic and electromagnetic braking, the Connect is able to turn within surprisingly small spaces.

These brushless motors also offer outstanding efficiency and remarkable power for their size. This power and efficiency make for great range allowing you use the wheelchair to travel up to 9.3 miles/15km with the standard battery installed and, if you have your powerchair configured with its travel pack battery for air travel, then you will have a range of up to 6.8miles/11km. This extra range and power mean you can easily, and safely, use your Connect outdoors on paved areas and where you have dropped kerbs, of a maximum height of 1.5cm, to get around your local area., which is very convenient for shopping sprees, as is the provided under-seat shopping bag.

Its mark-free wheels ensure your floors will not be spoiled by using your wheelchair indoors and, being solid, you cannot experience a puncture.

Charging your Connect powerchair or electric wheelchair couldn't be easier

Another major advantage you will find with this powerchair is the ability to charge the batteries either on the scooter or remove the lightweight lithium battery pack for charging anywhere you like in your home if that is more convenient for you.

Another key feature of the Connect is the ability to quickly, and easily convert it between user control and attendant control using the supplied bracket.

The Wheelchair can also be set in freewheel mode should you find the need for it to be pushed by an attendant.

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