Indoor Electric Wheelchair Benefits

For those of us with limited mobility the indoor electric wheelchair can be a godsend.

Even day to day tasks become seemingly impossible if you do not have access to an indoor electric wheelchair.

Mobility scooters may not give you the support your body may require or just not be well-matched to your needs.

An indoor electric wheelchair must be, by its very nature, compact and extremely agile.

Designed for one-handed operation the Connect’s intuitive, highly responsive, joystick can be installed to left or right of the chair to suit your preference, or, using the supplied bracket, it can be quickly and easily moved to the rear of the chair converting the wheelchair to attendant control should you become fatigued or unable to operate the vehicle for any reason.

Where upper body strength is an issue a regular, user powered wheelchair, may not be suitable and the controls of a mobility scooter may be too far away for you to reach or too heavy to operate.

Connect indoor electric wheelchair

With its ability to turn on its own axis our Connect indoor electric wheelchair is perfect for use around the home, the workplace and other confined areas like small shops, pubs, convenience stores and supermarkets. The Connect even comes with a handy shopping bag.

One thing where an indoor electric wheelchair can really change is your quality of life.

There are many wheelchair accessible attractions to be experienced in the UK, from art galleries like Tate Britain and Tate Modern, to museums, theatres and opera houses, stately homes, various zoos and safari parks, gardens, public parks and even shopping centres, and we will be bringing you a series of short guides the very best among them in the near future. We will also be finding accessible places to stay, like hotels, inns and cottages, if needed, while visiting the many places of interest this great country has to offer.

The Connect folds in under five seconds in to an extremely compact and light package, just over 20kg, that can easily be lifted in and out of a car and transported to you chosen destination where it can cope with general tasks such as a trip down your high street, a shopping center or supermarket. This folding action is also very handy for storing the wheelchair if you have restricted room in your home.

The lightweight lithium battery packs can be quickly and easily removed for storage or charging away from the wheelchair, though it is still possible to charge the battery while is installed in the chair as well.

But why limit your horizons to the four walls of your home or just indoor activities? An indoor electric wheelchair that is just as at home outdoors and with a fantastic range must be a more enticing prospect?

With a range of up to 9.3 miles/15km with the standard battery pack installed and 6.8miles/11km with the travel battery, which is fully approved for air transport and a top speed of up to 4mph or 6.4kph the Connect is a viable outdoor vehicle as well.

This range and speed mean it can easily be used outside to access not only local amenities like shops and restaurants but can be used to visit the great outdoors in confidence.

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