The Ultralight Folding Electric Wheelchair

Are you looking for an ultralight folding electric wheelchair?

The Connect ultralight folding electric wheelchair

If you are our Quingo Connect ultralight folding electric wheelchair could be the choice for you with its practicality and options that, we think, make it a compelling choice.

The Connect is designed with portability to the forefront.

It is the work of a moment to fold or unfold the chair for storage in your home or transport in any vehicle, be that your car, a plane, bus, coach, train or maybe even a boat if you are of the nautical persuasion.

The ultralight, folding design means that your electric wheelchair is easy to lift, and with its effortlessly removable battery pack removed, weighing in at only 20.9kg or 46.1lbs, so, you, your partner or carer will find moving it about both straightforward and stress free.

So, why is the Connect ultralight folding electric wheelchair so beneficial and why should you want one?

The Connect is all about fitting in to your lifestyle requirements and allowing you to overcome your mobility challenges.

It is perfect for use about your household, with its compact size and ability to turn on its own axis. In fact, it is unlikely you would need any alterations to your home aside from a ramp to get indoors, or outdoors, for your wheelchair.

This means you will be able to utilise your ultralight electric wheelchair for a multitude of household tasks be it cooking or folding your clothes after washing them. You may even use it to do a spot of gardening.

The Connect won’t restrict you to your home either with the 24V/17.1Ah battery installed it offers an extensive range of up to 9.3 miles or 15km. So, most local destinations will be well within your reach so your horizons will be broadened considerably.

Your most likely places for a visit will be either shopping, where you will find the complimentary under-seat shopping bag invaluable, or social in nature and here, once again, the compact design of the Connect will provide easy access in the tight confines often found in supermarket aisles and small shops and, being as most hotels, theatres and pubs are frequently located in older properties with smaller doors, corridors and rooms, this small footprint will be of great convenience to you.

As an ultralight folding electric wheelchair, the Connect can be configured in a moment for travel by air. With the restriction on lithium battery power for the purpose of flight we offer an optional 24V/11.4Ah, low weight, battery pack for use with your wheelchair when you will be needing to transport it in an aeroplane. Not only is this lighter, making it easier to carry than the standard battery pack, it is fully approved for air transport. Even though this battery does feature a slightly reduced range, when compared to the larger capacity standard item, it still gives you a very impressive 6.8 miles or 11km capability so, there will be little in the way of restriction on your ability to get around when you arrive at your chosen destination.

The Quingo Connect encompasses every key property desirable in an ultralight folding electric wheelchair, while giving you options that increase its abilities.

Discover the Connect for yourself. We know you will be impressed.

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