The Best Electric Wheelchair in the UK

Which is the best electric wheelchair in the UK?

This is almost entirely dependent on your intended, or expected, use of the vehicle.

To make the claim to be the best electric wheelchair in the UK we believe the chair should offer as much flexibility in use as is possible within the confines of the design.

Most of the electric wheelchair models on offer in the UK give poor range at best, making them useful for only short excursions without running the risk of your becoming stranded.

In order to get any truly viable range from many electric wheelchairs they must be able to fold up and be carried in a car boot to the chair user’s chosen destination.

While this is not a problem and actually facilitates greater flexibility it does mean that, for almost any but the very shortest of excursions, you are totally reliant on someone, such as a partner, friend, family member or carer to facilitate any outing you wish to undertake.

When you start to require longer ranges the price of an electric wheelchair will escalate sharply.

Additionally, the size of these electric wheelchairs increases very rapidly which, in the UK, can be, at best, problematic. The UK with its high proportion of older properties offers a drawback for the larger, less nimble wheelchair, that of restricted space. All too often you will encounter small doors tight turns and cramped corridors that may well prove insurmountable challenges to the more sizeable powerchair. Also, although most large powerchairs can turn on their own axis, their considerable size may well make this ability useless in certain situations or locations.

So, with the Connect, we thought would it not be best practice to create, for the UK market, an electric wheelchair that collapses for easy transportation, is extremely nimble and possesses ample range as well?

Above all else we insisted that our electric wheelchair must, without question, represent exceptional value for money!

The first thing we needed to address was the available range, we wanted the owner of our electric wheelchair to have the very best access to the finest places of interest the UK has to offer.

Possibly the best electric wheelchair in the UK

The increased mileage availability gives the added bonus of offering unfettered access to almost any local amenities you may wish to visit.

When you add in the light weight of the wheelchair and its ability to fold up for transport the Connect will take you to almost any destination of your choice!

To this end, in addition to the standard, long range, battery pack we offer an optional travel battery which is fully compliant for air travel.

This ability to fold means it is also exceptionally well suited to being stored in and around your home and the removeable battery packs mean you are not limited by the chair needing to be adjacent to a power point during charging.

Finally, we come to the question of value for money.

Not only is the Connect priced extremely competitively, considering the abilities it possesses, it additionally offers a couple of extras we feel you will find invaluable.

The first is the free under seat shopping basket that is perfect for those visits to your local shop for those few essentials or items maybe forgotten in a larger shopping trip.

The second is the ability to move the controls for use on the left or right side of the wheelchair depending on the preference of the driver.

This is further enhanced by the provision of a bracket (included with the powerchair) to move the controls to the rear of the chair thereby conveniently converting it to attendant control avoiding the sometimes-costly business of achieving this on other electric wheelchairs.

All of this, we are sure you will agree, combines to make the Connect the best electric wheelchair in the UK.

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