A Lightweight Electric Folding Wheelchair with Lithium Battery

When you are looking lightweight electric folding wheelchair with lithium battery we think you should be taking a very close look at the Quingo Connect.

The Connect electric wheelchair was designed to be lightweight, folding and from the outset use a lithium battery.

There are two removeable, and interchangeable battery pack options available for our electric wheelchair, the higher-powered larger pack is for day to day use and the slightly lower-powered version that is designed specifically for travel on aeroplanes, being considerably lighter and fully certified for air travel in a pressurised cabin.

lifting a lightweight electric folding wheelchair with lithium battery in to a car

Being lightweight electric folding wheelchair the Connect is perfect for all types of travel and its lightweight construction and folding design mean it can be lifted easily and it has a very small footprint. Be it loading the wheelchair in to a car boot, the storage compartment in a coach or taking it with you on a train the practical design will assure using your wheelchair is a straightforward as possible.

Other features that we feel that our lightweight electric folding wheelchair with lithium battery offers are its long range of up to 9.3 miles which effectively means that you are not limited merely to indoor use but have the ability to venture much further afield. This can include getting out in the fresh air and getting in touch with nature or just to go out and browse nearby shops from the safety and comfort of your wheelchair.

Browsing in shops brings us to another feature of the Connect that you will find invaluable, its small footprint and ability to turn on its own axis due in part to its twin high-powered brushed motors on each rear wheel that offer high torque, better efficiency, improved dependability, less noise and increased lifetime and a very low centre of gravity which allows for increased stability.

Add in the intuitive control joystick and you will no longer struggle to negotiate tight aisles and tight turns meaning you can avoid the embarrassment of potential knocking things over or blocking access to other shoppers.

You will additionally find this tremendously convenient when you wish to use your electric wheelchair within the confines of your home as well making your home that bit more accessible to you and making you less reliant on others for daily tasks.

lightweight electric folding wheelchair with lithium battery and moveable controls

The joystick is supremely adaptable to your needs, not only can it be configured for right or left-hand use but, at any given time, should you become fatigued or find yourself unable to control your wheelchair, it can be swiftly adapted, using the supplied bracket, to be attendant controlled. This means a partner or carer can ensure you can continue to enjoy your mobility.

The lightweight lithium battery is itself removeable, and as we have mentioned, interchangeable, so you have the very handy convenience of being able to charge the battery not only on the electric wheelchair itself, but also the charging can be undertaken away from the wheelchair. This means you can take advantage of folding the wheelchair for storage in your home, while still being easily able to reach a convenient electric point to charge your lithium battery pack.

So, we feel the Quingo Connect is your best choice when you are looking for a lightweight electric folding wheelchair with lithium battery.

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