The Best Travel Electric Wheelchair – Quingo Connect

Finding the best travel electric wheelchair for you depends on a number of factors.

The first, and most obvious, characteristic any electric wheelchair designed for travel had best offer is lightweight construction.

However, this desire to reduce weight should in no way be allowed to have a negative impact on the rigidity and safety of your wheelchair.

With a brief to save space the Connect was designed by AVC to be the best travel electric wheelchair you can enjoy from the outset.

To get the very best from your travel electric wheelchair it must offer certain qualities.

The Connect makes transport in cars, trains, buses or even planes, the lithium battery is fully certified for air travel, extremely straightforward due to its ability to be effortlessly folded in about 5 seconds and its light weight of just 20.9kg.

The best travel electric wheelchair is highly portable

Once folded it can also be pulled along by its handle and using the anti-tip wheels.

Easy storage in your home as you may not be using it all the time.

The ability to charge the lightweight lithium battery either on, or off the wheelchair offers supreme flexibility and ease of use particularly when you consider the restrictions travel can bring at the best of times.

This also means the battery can be detached to carry on to a plane which is best practice for a travel electric wheelchair.

Many of your destinations such as inns and hotels are often in older buildings. These buildings were never designed with accessibility in mind and as such could present difficulties for even the best travel electric wheelchair.

However, the Connect with its compact form and ability to turn on its own axis is perfect for use in even the tightest spaces leaving you free to explore, and get the most from, your chosen destination.

This is further improved by the two independent brushless motors on each rear wheel. The brushless motors possess several advantages over brushed motors including high torque, better efficiency, increased reliability, less noise and increased lifetime and the low centre of gravity allows for better stability.

The mark free, puncture-proof solid tyres will also be popular with hotels with wooden or highly polished floors.

The Connect will not restrict you to your accommodation either its range of up to 9.3 miles will get you out and about seeing the sights and taking in the fresh air.

Get the best from your travel electric wheelchair

The Connect uses an LCD, intuitive, highly responsive joystick that comes complete with speed adjustment, battery gauge indicator and a charger socket.

The whole unit can be mounted on either arm rest for use by the passenger or re-located to the rear of the chair with the supplied bracket. So, should you become fatigued, or find yourself unable to operate your chair, the chair can be converted, in a moment, to an attendant controlled electric wheelchair meaning your partner, or carer, can assist if required.

The supplied under seat basket is perfect for carrying those small items you will be wanting on your holiday outings like sunscreen, towels, maybe a book to read, sunglasses, cold drinks and snacks.



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