The Best Folding Electric Wheelchair – Quingo Connect

What exactly makes for the best folding electric wheelchair?


The Connect folding electric wheelchair brings you the best in quality and safety that you have come to expect from our range of 5 wheel mobility scooters but in an electric powered wheelchair.

We have explored collapsible mobility scooters on the Quingo Scooters website and came to the conclusion that a folding electric wheelchair may be the best solution HERE.

As a family run business, with three generations of combined experience in delivering ground-breaking products to the mobility sector , Quingo combines its know-how and expertise gained over the years with cutting edge innovations.

Capitalizing on this wide-ranging knowledge, and the perception it allows, we have developed a fold up electric wheelchair with features that make it, we believe, the best folding electric wheelchair in the marketplace.


It folds in under five seconds, which has to be one of the best times available in any folding electric wheelchair.

This model is light enough to be carried by an average person, just 20.9kg  – even with batteries it is still easy to carry.

The batteries can be removed to make the wheelchair even lighter to lift if desired. This makes transport a breeze and the lithium batteries are fully certified for flying.


The ability to remove the battery pack from the chairs means that not only can you charge it on the wheelchair but anywhere else you would like!

The chair is controllable by using an intuitive joystick control which can be installed either on the right or left-side to fit the needs of the user or it can even be moved to the back of the chair to be used by an attendant using the supplied brackets

This design allows the user to remove the batteries when transporting or pushing the chair to make it light for manoeuvrability.


The chair is very comfortable and gentle to fit any user as it has simple controls that favour indoor mobility.

Connect best folding electric wheelchair for indoor use

The Connect can turn on its own axis, making it outstanding for indoor use in your home or shops. It can be used in even the most restrictive of places and with mark free, puncture proof, solid tyres you can really enjoy the freedom a wheelchair can offer.

Two autonomous brushless motors on each rear wheel are crucial to the Connect’s extraordinary turning ability. The brushless motor offers several rewards over brushed motors including high torque, improved efficiency, augmented reliability, lower noise levels and improved lifetime and the low centre of gravity allows for enhanced stability.


The Connect also features automatic, electromagnetic brakes so, the instant the joystick is released, the wheelchair will be brought to a stand-still meaning you remain safe at all times.

Indoor or Outdoor –  get the best from your folding electric wheelchair.

With a range of up to 9.3 miles the Connect won’t restrict you to indoor use.

Connect the best folding electric wheelchair indoors or outdoors

Trips to the shops are effortlessly within reach where its fantastic manoeuvrability will make easy work of tight aisles.

Best of all you will benefit from taking your folding electric wheelchair to the countryside or other places of interest to experience the finest this country can offer.


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